Posted by: Scott | Thursday, June 28, 2007

Senate Votes Americans Relevant

Aside from the day I was born, the day that the Lord saved me, the day I got my learner’s permit, the day I got my license, the day I turned 18, Election Day 1998, the day I graduated high school, Election Day 2000, 30-some odd days after Election Day 2000, Election Day 2002, the day I graduated college, the day my niece was born, Election Day 2004, the day I moved out on my own, Election Day 2006, and the day Dr. Barrasso was appointed to the US Senate, this could be the best day of my life.

In a stunning show of patriotism, the US Senate shot down in flames an attempt to legalize millions of illegals by denying cloture on a motion that would allow a “comprehensive immigration reform” measure be brought up for debate and vote. Earlier int he week, the Senate voted 64-35 to allow debate and voting on amendments to this controversial legislation that has failed passage for two years. This is the second time this month that the American people have literally shut down the Senate switchboard.

The Senate voted 46-53 on a cloture vote. Many of the freshman Democrats (and some senior Democrats) voted in opposition to the bill today. In attempting to persuade (almost threatening) fellow Senators to allow the bill a vote, Republicrat Sen. Lindsey Grahamnisty commented on the floor of the Senate prior to the vote:

You’re never going to deal with this issue until you embrace the 12 million. No Democrat is going to let you build a fence and do all the things that we want to do without addressing the 12 million. That’s never going to happen. I want to address the 12 million. The reason I want to address the 12 million, it bothers me that there’s 12 million people here that we don’t know who they are and what they’re up to. I wish they would go away, but they’re not. It is a problem that America has to deal with, and we want someone else to do it, because we’re afraid that if we do a plea bargain, it’s amnesty.

The 12 million will be dealt with. They’re not going to be ignored. They will be dealt with firmly and fairly, eventually. They’re not going to be deported, they’re not going to jail, they can’t be wished away. So we need to come together in a bipartisan manner, have principled compromise, where we deal with 12 million, we deal with broken borders, we get a temporary worker program. To my Republican friends, remember this day if you vote no. You will never, ever have this deal again.

Senator, we’re all bothered that there are millions here and we have no idea who they are or why they are (other than doing the jobs I won’t do because it’s cheap cash labor). This bill was no plea bargain, it was a conspiracy that was formed behind closed doors and it should never have been brought up. The 12-50 million do need to be dealt with. It’s called deportation. It might take time to get them all rounded up, but it can be done. The broken boarder needs to be fixed with fences and walls and people to monitor them. I will remember this day, the day both of my Senators voted no. They stood up for Wyoming and America. I’m glad that we won’t have this deal ever again.



  1. I’m so glad that an election year is just around the corner and these politicians are wise enough to know who keeps them or boots them from office!

    Now, I say, let’s get busy deporting the criminals who have no business being here. By criminals, I mean all illegals because breaking the law makes you a criminal and entering this country illegally is breaking the law. I know it can seem difficult to understand, but it’s really NOT.

    We also need to pass some sort of legislation that prevents anchor babies from being automatic citizens. Our Constitution is not being followed when this occurs. As for the ones already here, leave ’em or take ’em back with you. I know it sounds harsh – but it should be the parent’s choice. Anchor babies are no excuse to keep their illegal parents in this country.

    Rant over.

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