Posted by: Scott | Saturday, June 30, 2007

Citadel Leaps into Hardpan Drainage

I had some time early this afternoon to take a trip up Southfork to see what was going on with the Citadel Fire. Upon my arrival at the popular observation point just a few miles prior to the National Forest boundary, Olga Troxel with the Shoshone National Forest was present.

One major change that has occurred in the fire is that it has flopped East out of the Houlihan Drainage into the Hardpan Creek drainage. Winds yesterday afternoon and last night played a role in the fire’s growth.

Until this evening, updates of this change had not been posted to because of technical difficulties with the server system.

Helicopters have been helping to contain the fire by doing water drops and participating in the construction of fire lines. Air units are essential in this battle due to the rugged terrain and unstable soil conditions of the area.

In spite of the rugged terrain of the area, the fire is currently a Type 3 fire, which means the fire is still small and easy to control. If it were to spread more to the East (which crews are aggressively trying to prevent), it could move up to a Type 2 as private lands begin to become more of an issue.

Weather forecasts for the area expected no rain, though this afternoon some dark clouds did pass over the area, bringing in some slightly cooler temperatures.

Special thanks to Everything Cody for the link!

UPDATE: Current Stats:

  • 145 Personnel on the site
  • 950 acres
  • 20% contained
  • Estimated time of containment is July 2 @ 8 PM


  1. Hi Scott, see inciweb for a more recent update. Estimated time of containment has changed and we are getting a type 2 team but it’s due more to the duration of the fire (it’s been a week which is normally the length for a type 3 team) than to risk.

    Also, our firefighters with help from the bucket drops were able to corral the spot and are now focused on Houlihan Creek again.

  2. Olga,

    Thanks for checking in! I just saw the note on InciWeb about the Type 2 team transitioning in and was getting ready to send off an e-mail to you. Then I went looking through the comment filter and noticed that you were in the spam cue (don’t worry, I’ve dug many an actual person’s comments out of there before) and answered my question before I even asked it.

    Congrats to the team on a job well done in corralling the spot fire in Hardpan!

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