Posted by: Scott | Saturday, June 30, 2007

Photo Of the Week

Well, with an amazing turnout of one, the photo of the week has been certified victor in the first ever Friday Photo Query. Mrs. C. voted for a picture that caught her eye. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at that wonderful photographic image:

Isn’t this little guy cute? This picture is from Mother’s Day out at my parents’ house. Dad found him a day or so before.

The bunny was taught well (or was given good instincts)  to stay close to his hole in the ground. Even if you were to be standing on the porch not looking at him, he would dart back in if he saw you. Snuck in this “close-up” with the help of my zoom and being partway around the corner on the porch.

The bunny has since moved on  from the hole under the house (we hope).

Be watching for the next post to vote for next week’s picture. You can even start studying your choices out now and get a jump start on choosing the picture you’d like to see next week (just don’t post about it until Week 2’s post is up 🙂 ) .



  1. Darn tootin it’s an amazing turnout! Especially when that one is ME! I’m very happy the bunny won and I will play this game again.

  2. I completely forgot about this! I am kind of confused though. When do we submit our suggestion? You’re going to post another sort of announcement post and then we suggest? Then you’ll post the winner too?

  3. Round 2 is now open for voting

  4. […] Hey, it’s still Sunday. It’s the all new Political Cowboy weekly tradition! It’s time for Week 2 of the Friday Photo Query (FPQ)! I know, it’s not Friday yet, I’m just giving you perusal time and if you want, […]

  5. Jake won round 2, right?

  6. […] A bunny staying close to home […]

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