Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Citadel Back In Hardpan!

From the update yesterday:

As of 4 p.m. on July 2, fire has moved into a part of Hardpan Creek drainage. Firefighters had worked to keep embers from the Houlihan Creek drainage from spreading into Hardpan. High winds and slopes too steep to approach all the embers this afternoon made that task impossible. About 250 acres have burned. The smoke is visible from the west edge of Cody.

While not a surprise, the spread is an unwelcome complication. Managers are continuing to refine contingency plans to suppress this new fire growth.

Yesterday firefighters were able to ignite unburned fuels on the western flank of the Houlihan Creek drainage from the ridge top to the bottom, effectively removing unburned vegetation between the fire line and the fire’s edge (referred to as black lining). Crews working the eastern flank burned out to Church Rock and worked on spot fires outside the fire line. […]

A fire management team (type 2) arrived yesterday from Colorado and will assume responsibility for the Citadel Fire at 7:00 pm today. Bill Hahnenberg is the Incident Commander with the new team.

An e-mail from Olga Troxel had the following information:

Current fire danger and summary: Fire danger on the Shoshone National Forest is very high to extreme. Fuels moisture levels are exceeding record levels for this early in the season. According to local fire officials, the Citadel Fire marks a very early start to the fire season particularly at that elevation and expect we will see more fires before the season ends.

The Shoshone National Forest is preparing to implement stage I fire restrictions, which limit campfires to fire rings or grates in developed campsites. They will be in place across the Forest sometime this week. With the July 4th holiday approaching, Shoshone National Forest officials remind the public that fireworks are illegal on public lands. Given current conditions, extra care with campfires and open fires should be taken.

Closures:  An area closure is in place. The restricted area is defined as the entire Bobcat Creek, Houlihan Creek and Hardpan Creek drainages, including any trails in these drainages. Hardpan Lake is within the restricted area.

Type III Incident Command Team, 10 people, Incident Commander Russ Wenke (Park County Fire Warden)
Type II Incident Command Team (in transition), Incident Commander Bill Hahnenberg
Big Horn Basin crew (20 person hand crew)
Bitterroot Hot Shot crew (20 person hand crew)
Lolo Regulars (20 person hand crew)
Idaho Panhandle Hot Shot crew (20 person crew)
Alpine Hot Shot crew (20 person crew)
Three helicopters
Additional Hand crew made up of helicopter crews (20 person hand crew)

Estimated total personnel assigned to fire presently: 186

Acres burned: 1,043  (pre-Hardpan expansion)
Percent contained: 20%
Cause: Lightning
Date started: 6/25/2007
Expected containment: July 5, 2007
Expected controlled: Unknown
Injuries: None
Costs to date: $518,199

As Olga mentioned the other day, the fire is now a Type 2 due to the duration.

Pictures coming later…



  1. Tag! You’re it 🙂

  2. Well, today is the estimated date of containment … is it contained? Hope so.

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