Posted by: Scott | Saturday, July 7, 2007

Photo of the Week: Jake and the Bar J

Jake the dog. Jennifer picked the winner for this week’s FPQ. I’m proud to report that we have another unanimous-by-default winner for the FPQ. I don’t mind the non-contested winners; it does save me the stress of casting the tie-breaking vote. 🙂

Jake is a character. If you’re not careful (and most of us aren’t), he’ll steal your heart right after you meet.

He adopted Mom and Dad (yes you read that right, he did the adopting) back in the summer of 2000. Mom saw him out on the porch, almost skin and bones, no collar or tags. The place they were in at the time didn’t allow pets, so she took a dish of water out to him to get refreshed and be on his way.

Inclement weather began to occur and the unknown dog was still on the porch. Mom gave in and let him in, on the condition that he lay down right near the entrance and stay put.  Since a dog inunfamiliar territory always has to roam, she knew he would be back out in no time. Dad got home from work and guess who was still laying down? The next day, they took him into the vet to see what health concerns there would be. Since the dog was not theirs and they were brining him in as good Samaratins, there was no charge for the check-up and medical care. Though a bit big for his breed, as far as the vet could tell, the dog was pure bred Brittney Spaniel, and, as illustrated by Mom’s encounter with him, very well trained. This dog had some value. The vet placed a notice at the front desk in case anyone came or called looking for him. Mom and Dad called the other vets and area Humane Societies. Posters around town were hung. Even notices online were placed.

After a while, Jake became the dog’s “interim name.” There had been no calls or contacts about him. He regained the weight he had lost in his time of homelessness. One day, he ran off while Mom and Dad were away. They searched the area, but could not find him. He had run off and come back later on before, so they figured he would do the same. He never came back, so they figured he just needed  a place to stay to get healthy and head back home. Mom called the Park County Humane Society to notify them Jake was no longer with them. The lady said that actually a home closer to town had took him in as a stray not long before her call. There still had been no inquiries about him, so Mom and Dad were free to claim him since they’d had him for several weeks.

They gladly took him in and he has been a delight ever since.

In this picture, taken on this past Mother’s Day, Jake went to lay in front of the TV/Surround Sound (he feels like he gets better attention this way when no one wants to pet him 🙂 )

We were watching a DVD of the Bar J Wranglers that afternoon. Their newest member, Jerry Baxter, can sing a really deep baritone. In this shot, he is being featured doing a solo on Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie. His singing was so soothing that Jake found much relaxation. After the solo was done, Jake got up and moved to his chair.

Yes, he has his own chair, but that’s another picture for another post….



  1. Darn! I missed out? Well, even if I had made it here on time to vote, the vote still would have been unanimous because I almost chose this picture the week before.

    I love the story and am always relieved to find others who spoil their hounds as much as we do 🙂 I swear, the two we have now are just ridiculous.

    Anyway, I’m sure Tieki Rae looks forward to playing, but it appears the National Right to Life Academy is keeping her busy for several hours per day.

    Thanks for picking Jake Jennifer! Wholehearted agreement from here 🙂

  2. […] Gasp!!! I missed Sunday!!! I missed Monday!!!! Here it is already TUESDAY!!!! True, it’s not yet Friday, but I do like giving you picture perusal time and if you want, campaign […]

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