Posted by: Scott | Monday, July 9, 2007

Citadel Fire Contained!

Just got an e-mail from information officer Sarah Gallup stating that the Citadel Fire has been contained!

Only a small staff is needed now to monitor what little heat remains on Citadel fire. Today returning local Incident Commander Chris Schow will transition with the departing Rocky Mountain Incident Command Team. Assisting Schow for at least the next few days will be one crew, Alpine Interagency Hotshots, and one medium helicopter from Durango with helitack personnel.

Yesterday all crews returned from their remote camps, having finished mopping up the entire perimeter and most of the fire’s interior. The few hot spots that remain are well interior, are not judged to be any threat to the fire’s containment. They are in areas particularly difficult to access. Schow’s group will continue to monitor them. They have options to go back on foot and/or drop water on hotspots as needed.

  • Percent contained: 100%
  • Acres burned: 2,004
  • Cause: Lightning started the fire on 6/25.
  • Cost to date: $1,967,000
  • Incident Commander: Bill Hahnenberg
  • As of Sunday evening, 89 people are working on the Citadel fire.
  • There have been no injuries.

For more information call the Wapiti Ranger District at 307 527-6921.

This will be the fire’s last update unless significant activity occurs.

Last week, the fire grew back into the Hardpan Creek drainage. The containment date was slated for July 5, but because of the scope of the growth, the containement was eventually set back to July 20.

Saturday saw some light rain, which was good for the increased humidity. By Sunday morning, the fire had been 80% contained and crews were removed from the fire. Also, the containment date was moved up to today.

This is certainly welcome news for the area. Huge congrats and thanks for all those that worked hard on this early-season fire.



  1. Man, you are crazy for keeping up with all this. I say again, you’ve got the spark of a reporter in you. But first you’d need to develop a healthy vocabulary of cuss words. Reporters swear a lot (and I am strange because I don’t)

  2. Jennifer,

    Thanks for your repeated compliments.

    I had not heard about reporters being foul in their vocabulary. I’ve certainly had the exposure to the language, but I, like you, am one of those odd people that doesn’t see the need to use it. So the question is can you be a reporter without a journalism degree?

  3. Ha! I just re-read your comment and I have to say what a cleverly inserted pun for the topic at hand.

  4. This is good news. And, for what it’s worth, I think you could be a reporter without a degree in journalism.

  5. Definitely. Experience is more valued in journalism than a degree.

    And the spark thing wasn’t intentional! I’m a lot more brilliant than I give myself credit for, I guess 🙂

  6. […] Even though temperatures are slated to go back up as the week progresses, the group is still concerned about the predicted 90’s for next week, stating that it was similar temperatures, combined with wind and dry conditions, that made fire fighting difficult during the now-contained Citadel Fire. […]

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