Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, July 10, 2007

8 Things Tag

I’ve been tagged. I’m supposed to tell you 8 interesting things about me. I’ll do my best….

  1. OK, so this one is about my blog. I’m going to put an end to all the speculation and observatory guesses. The top three commenters on my blog (excluding me) are women:
    • Mrs. C (wytammic) with 65 comments*
    • her daughter Tieki Rae coming in at 51 comments*
    • Jennifer rounds out the top three with 35 comments*

    Chris Leavell (a man) is the #4 commenter with 25 comments*. No doubt people are looking at the top three and pondering on some interesting thoughts I’m sure, but I’m not going to speculate about that here.

    *=Counts are as of this publishing

  2. I know two people that were recently published in a list in an Ohio newspaper simply because they each have concealed weapons permits. I’m not going to tell you who they are; they’ve already been published.
  3. I have met in person 10 of the bloggers/web site owners on my blogroll:
  4. I hung signs around the house when I was eight years old (1988) proclaiming my wish that those who saw them vote for George Bush. I had no idea why I was Republican, other than that’s what Mom was, and I thought she was because her favorite animal was the elephant. Now I know better and am Mom’s ballot adviser.
  5. I’m secretly hoping Sen. Clinton (D-NY/AR) will get the nomination from the DNC. OK, it’s not a secret hope anymore. But if she is nominated, it’ll get Dad to the polls because he wants to vote against her.
  6. I’ve lived in
    • Colorado
    • Wyoming
    • Arizona
    • Wyoming
    • Arizona
    • California
    • Arizona
    • Wyoming
    • Arizona
    • Wyoming
    • Arizona and
    • Wyoming.

    The Arizona living is because of college (’98-’03); the inter-dispersed Wyoming living sessions are summers, California is a summer staff position at a Christian camp (2000). In fifteen years of Wyoming living (fourteen of which are official residency since it takes a year to be a resident), I have lived in nine locales in Cody.

  7. People say I should go into journalism or politics. I can’t say I disagree with either suggestion.
  8. The farthest East that I have traveled is western Ohio; the farthest West that I’ve traveled is the Pacific Ocean.

And now I have to tag eight people. I’m going to have quite an interesting list I think, and that’s ’cause I’m an interesting person (at least that’s what I’m told, so I’ll believe it 🙂 ). In no particular order, other than that which they are listed:

Told ya’ it was going to be interesting! I’ve paid tribute to my top commenters (sans the top of the top, since she tagged me), equally dispersed between met and not met, men and women.



  1. I’m surprised I wasn’t one of your top commenters!

    Thanks for the tag. Now I’ve been double tagged by you and Tammi, so I have no choice!

  2. Wow! I’m amazed with the people you actually know on your blogroll. I think I know one on mine. I’ll let you guess which one 🙂 .

    Besides Tieki Rae, I don’t follow or know of any other WY bloggers. I really need to check out your blogroll and those people really need to comment more!

  3. Oh, I think that must mean that Neil has to tell us 16 interesting facts/habits? 🙂

  4. Neil, I saw that you were on her list, but I just couldn’t resist. I’ve seen folks get double, triple, even quadruple tagged on these things.

    Mrs. C., if Neil has to do sixteen things, does that mean he has to tag sixteen people?

  5. Maybe? Let’s see how Neil handles this. Now you have me curious.

  6. “Oh, I think that must mean that Neil has to tell us 16 interesting facts/habits?”

    D’oh! I’m having enough trouble getting 8. And I better hurry before I get tagged again and have to do 24. Or I need to go do some weird / interesting things so I can write about them.

  7. I’m all done!

    Thanks for the tag!

  8. A guest post is too intimidating. I’ll answer here:
    1) I’ve eaten emu
    2) I’ve backpacked through Europe thrice
    3) I’ve lived in Nebraska, Kansas, South Carolina, Idaho, Texas and Colorado
    4) When I’m super thirsty, only milk will do
    5) A bear visited my front porch last fall
    6) A strange 10 year old gave me the nickname “evil elf” during a domino game Saturday
    7) I love talking about my Dunlop Grapsic snow tires
    8) I’ve done a million crazy things as a reporter

  9. Thanks for the post Jennifer! When your comment arrived in the e-mail, the eight closed-parenthesis appeared as normal, so it took a moment to figure out what happed to it when I read the comment in the “my comments” tracker on my admin page, then it dawned on me, smiley code! I presume you meant the eight, thought it is pretty cool that you’ve had adventures in your reporting.

    So, what makes your Dunlop Grapsic snow tires so conversational?

  10. […] old-school journalism is pretty cool. I just got an e-mail from an out-of-state print reporter who frequently comments on my “multi-issue/personal blog” with the following info: BC-APNewsAlert,0022<QA> Pat Crank resigns as Wyoming attorney […]

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