Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Global Cooling Hits Cody

With temperatures reaching only into the high 70’s today, environmentalists have anonymously proclaimed that global cooling has indeed impacted the Northwest Wyoming town of Cody.

For the past couple of weeks, Cody has been inundated with scorching heat that went into the upper 90’s, and if you were in the right area, probably even an occasional triple-digit temperature.

One  environmentalist noted that typical June temperatures for Cody are in the 70’s and typical July temperatures are in the 80’s.

“This set back to the 70’s sends us back 30 days. Who knows what that will mean for our ranchers, farmers, and gardeners. With this kind of drop, we could be looking at at least a  one-day closure of Sylvan Pass due to snow.”

Even though temperatures are slated to go back up as the week progresses, the group is still concerned about the predicted 90’s for next week, stating that it was similar temperatures, combined with wind and dry conditions, that made fire fighting difficult during the now-contained Citadel Fire.



  1. Hi cowboy. Did you mean “unanimosly”.

    Its hot in the South but we are getting a cooling rain right now. I hate to sound like a broken record but it truly is the humidity. It is really humid in the South. Unless you go upon top of the Smokies anyway then you freeze.

    I’ve changed my lightbulbs and put in green, how about you.

  2. […] just above zero tomorrow night.  I immediately burst out in laughter and got to thinking, maybe global cooling is expanding…. Chalk another one up for masculine […]

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