Posted by: Scott | Thursday, July 12, 2007

Weird Local News Stuff

Lots of oddities in the news recently:

  • There was a shooting at Wal-Mart on Monday (follow up here, related).
  • Something shut down a HUGE stretch of highway this afternoon. Happens to be the main highway leading into town right by the airport. Also happens to be the highway that I travel most often, as I live right off of it. Guess who got to take the scenic route home from work today? Anyway, I asked a traffic control official at the end of the eastbound detour if there was a wreck or something. He said it was “something at the airport.” I sent the tip into Ruffin Prevost along with a pic of the detour just past my driveway. Will be watching the headlines for this news item…
  • In news of the funny, I was listening to the radio at work today and the weather break came on. You can’t get a lot of specifics on the weather breaks because the station covers a large area that can have very different weather patterns (the joys of being surrounded by mountains). I typically don’t give much attention to them, but something caught me ear, “Lows tonight as cold as 2 above.” Say what?!?!?!?!? I listened a bit more closely and the highs tomorrow are supposed to be in the upper 20’s with lows down just above zero tomorrow night. I immediately burst out in laughter and got to thinking, maybe global cooling is expanding…. 😀 Chalk another one up for masculine intuition.

UPDATE: Just got a reply from Ruffin Prevost and he heard that it is something along the lines of a suspicious package. Road is still closed. ***Developing***

UPDATE 2: The story is up on



  1. The package was flares but those on the site needed to make sure that REALLY is what they were. So…nothing terrible, just unnecessary drill that somebody should have to pay for. Isn’t like there are a LOT of alternate routes around Cody when the main entryways in & out are closed – especially to the south!!

  2. […] Weather in the Basin (again) I week ago, I reported on some strange weather hitting the area (as reported on the regioanal station KZMQ-AM). Today, about the same time as last week, on the […]

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