Posted by: Scott | Friday, July 13, 2007

The Next Few Days

I’m not really looking forward to the next few days. It’s one of those deals that you see coming from afar. You know that it is going to arrive. You know *how* you should react. But, you also know how you feel and your afraid for how others are going to feel. And perhaps it’s the fear of the others that makes the days tough to face.

A year ago tonight, Dad tracked me down in the store to let me know he was getting Mom’s car ready to head to Pueblo the next day (Friday the 14th). Grandpa was in the hospital. Her trip was more for Grandma’s sake than anything. Granted, she loved Grandpa, but he would be taken care of. Grandma was the one that needed the care for a few days. Honestly, at first, the news was not that big for me because Grandpa ALWAYS pulled through his hospital visits.

By Friday afternoon, my mind was stuck in Pueblo. The manager at my day job was already aware of the situation since Mom worked there. I later inquired about “family emergency time” since I had only been working a few months. My primary job was not a concern because I had time I could use if needed. But how bad would Grandpa have to get? I’m sure Dad had his line and he would tell me if he thought I should go down. But I was not really interested in thinking about this. Besides, there wouldn’t be an update until later on, possibly the next day anyway.

Saturday was one of those days. Rooms at the motel were in need of cleaning. LOTS of rooms. I had to sleep sometime. Finally got done. There was a heat wave in town. My apartment collects heat. Fans were  running. Sleeping in the afternoon in the summer is not fun. I had been snoozing no more than an hour and a voice came through my window. Dad’s voice. He needed to talk to me.

I met him at the door. He had talked with Mom a short while  ago and Grandpa had died. That afternoon, that quick. I was still getting my bearing straight so I was certain that I did not just hear what I heard, but at the same time, I knew I did. I also knew I wasn’t getting back to bed.

The remaining  time before work was planning time. I called friends that I knew could pray. I called my day job and Dad had just talked to them, so they knew I’d likely be out for a while. Hopefully the “immediate family clause” in the bereavement policy at my primary job covered grandparents. A few hours later I talked to my manager and it did. I would have to use some personal time as well, but that was OK.

The next morning, we trekked down to Pueblo. I wanted to sleep, but I couldn’t. Even though I knew the long stretches of Wyoming’s highways by heart and I wasn’t the one driving, I couldn’t sleep, except for a real short nap here or there.

Grandma’s living up here now. She’s gone through her times, but she’s doing better now. She gets dressed up for church every Sunday. In fact, last week, she was voted into the membership. She figured since she was no longer attending the church her and Grandpa attended and were members of, it was time to join the one that she was attending. Besides that, she was actually enjoying church once again.

I’m thankful that on this important family day, we’ll be in the midst of those who share our faith and will be able to encourage as needed.


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