Posted by: Scott | Monday, July 16, 2007

Former “W” Promotes Pro-Life Cause

I am still in shock at the news that the Flying W in Colorado Springs is under new ownership. Not only that, but that the long time Wranglers like Scotty Vaughn and Vern Thompson are no longer a part of the group. From what I’ve heard, the split was over a conflict of faith between the owners and the band members.

On the plus side, Scotty and Vern are still doing the music they love, though now they have shifted gears and are focused on music ministry, doing the Cowboy Gospel songs. I found this much out from a friend earlier this month.

Anyway, I finally got around to imploring Google to help me find out what was up with these two singers I grew up listening to. Turns out they are indeed in a new group, the Colorado Wranglers. I had some trouble getting the home page, but that may be because I am a dial-up visitor. I have gotten the page to load since my visit this morning.

First though, I did have Firefox show me the source code (HTML code and all) so I could see if there was anything to see on the site. Looked like quite a bit, but I found some page listings, and my favorite humorist, Scotty, has a page. I entered the address into my browser and I was expecting maybe a bio page (though I was confounded why Vern didn’t have a page, plus I was sure there was at least one other member), or perhaps some sort of humor blog. What I found was something that blessed my heart. My favorite humorist is not only a Christian, but also he’s pro-life and taking his conviction public!!!!

Scotty was awarded the 2006 Annual Champion of Life Award by Life Network this past November for his tireless efforts to get men to face the truth of the consequences of their actions and embrace their responsibilities as spiritual leaders and in areas of moral behavior. 

That is awesome!  His bio page gives a bit more of a glimpse into his life:

I was a late bloomer and a slow learner, and I was thirty years old before I found a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and asked Him into my heart. I had certainly ‘wreaked a trail of havoc’ up to that point, and I had created a lot of wreckage for the Lord to clean up. Since then I’ve had a front row seat as, by the grace of Jesus Christ, I have been forgiven, healed, and put back on the trail of life.

The Wranglers’ ministry page notes that, among a number of other things, the Wranglers are involved with Life Network in ministering to men in post-abortion situations.

If you’ve got a desire to see these great men, there’s a number of avenues to do so:


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