Posted by: Scott | Thursday, July 19, 2007

Weird Weather in the Basin (again)

I week ago, I reported on some strange weather hitting the area (as reported on the regioanal station KZMQ-AM). Today, about the same time as last week, on the same station, the same weather forecast came up.

I have now developed a theory about this:

  • Al Bore, uh, I mean Gore (or some other global warming activist), is in the region.
  • It’s all a psychological exercise byt he radio station to help us feel cooler in the near 100’s we are going through
  • They’re trying to freak the tourists out. picture it: a family from the desert southwest driving down the highway, wearing summer clothes and packed the same; the weather bit comes on and their jaws drop to the floor when they hear how cold it going to be tonight….

Locals, better cover your gardens, though I wouldn’t worry about the zucchini! 😀



  1. […] Took this last night (early this morning) on my way home for lunch. Not quite 2 degrees, but still a single […]

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