Posted by: Scott | Friday, July 20, 2007


It’s that time again. Time for me to put my hobby at risk by turning the content of my Saturday morning post over to you, the readers commenters. A huge risk that I am willing to take.

  • Peruse my pics on Flickr
  • Find one that you want to know about (it does not have to be a recent picture)
  • Comment on the appropriate Friday Photo Query post (i.e. the most recent FPQ post) with a link to the picture of your choice. One vote per commenter. Votes on posts prior to this will not count.
  • The pic with the most votes by Friday night 11:59 PM (Mountain Time) gets posted to the front page on Saturday. You can vote anytime before Friday 11:59 PM.

So far, there have been three FPQ’s, each chosen by one voter (Mrs C.: 2, Jennifer: 1). Here’s hopin’ that the voter turnout is double, maybe even triple of previous votes. Also, in the interest of all future FPQ posts, beginning with this one, the “cast your vote now post” will not appear until Friday at 12 AM Mountain Time.



  1. All right, since I’ll be fully occupied with Harry Potter mania tomorrow night, I’ll vote now for the picture of Jim Mountain.

    No. 1, why the boring name of Jim Mountain? And No. 2, I request that you explain this: Believe it or not, this mountain used to be more rounded in the front, like it is in the back.

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