Posted by: Scott | Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bonus Double Feature Photo

Here it is, Jim Mountain. This week Jennifer voted for Jim Mountain. Of course, I have two pics named Jim Mountain, both the same peak, just different angles. This particular one is from the driveway of my church. This mountain is huge, and when it is covered by snow, it is beautiful! About the only thing that could make this shot more scenic would be to not have the telephone pole in the way.

Here is the shot that I’m presuming Jennifer inquired about, since it is the one that contains the comment she wants explained:

this mountain used to be more rounded in the front, like it is in the back.

This view is from the east of the mountain. Keep in mind that Yellowstone is around thirty miles from this mountain. The whole region is quite geologically active. Many of the mountain sides throughout the Wapiti valley are made up of volcanic rock. Jim Mountain is no exception.

The left side of the mountain from this view, is the side that faces the church. You’ll notice that the face is somewhat flat, compared to following the mountain up and over the top to the back side, where it slopes along.

I’m not sure of the details, but I am working on finding those out, but the basic account is that a couple of cowboys spent the night up on Jim Mountain. When they woke up the next morning, they both thought that the south side of the mountain had fallen overnight.  These two were known for their alcoholic consumption, so they kept it as a secret  figuring that their beverage of choice had caused their “misconception” about the face of the mountain. As time progressed, it eventually became known that Jim Mountain had indeed caved in that night.

**I’ll have more on the mountain later on.**


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