Posted by: Scott | Sunday, July 29, 2007

Anyone Else Miss the Bull Riding?

So, yesterday, July 28, 2007, the National Day of the American Cowboy, ESPN was supposed to broadcast a Dodge Extreme Bulls  event (Pro Bull Riding for those of you in Chicago) that was taped here in Cody on June 30 as a kick-off to the annual Cody Stampede. Sounds great on TV listings right? Somewhere, the wrong switch must have been flipped, cause my dad, a Cody resident, got gipped:

Was wondering why the Cody, Wyoming  Extreme Bulls event was not broadcast as scheduled 7-28-07. My dad said he was going to watch it while taking a break from the add-on storage unit he is building. The TV listing said Extreme Bulls  was slated to be on; the info said it was the Cody event; when he selected it, he got Pan-Am games in Spanish of all languages! There was a lot of promotion about the event being broadcast, so this comes as a major let-down to the Cody area.

This event was won by a local, so it’s only natural that the people would like to see it, especially if they were unable to make it to the June event. Probably safe to say others experienced the same problem. Is this just a Cody Dish Network subscriber issue, or were others (locally or nationally) wondering why things didn’t line up quite right? Would be interested to hear from you.



  1. Your Dad isn’t the only one who was robbed. We took time out of our Saturday to watch the bull riding event too. And yes, we also were “treated” to some Spanish broadcast on the English speaking ESPN channel. What a bummer!

  2. The Cody extreme bull riding was telecast on ESPN on Saturday July 28, 2007. It was on from 11:00 am to Noon Mountain time.

  3. I too missed the extreme bulls and was very disappointed. No explanation whatsoever was given.
    I use Dish network and have written to them explaning the ommission.
    My suggestion to ESPN is that if you are going to broadcast it then do so, or don’t. Live up to your word or don’t bother coming here and expect to be treated like royalty.
    The community bent over backwards to help you and then was snubbed. If there is an explanation for this, I sure haven’t heard it.

  4. An 11-Noon (MDT) broadcast is still bad service. All the promotion was for two hours after the broadcast would have ended. I’d say ESPN owes their subscribers a bonus broadcast that airs at the time they say it’s going to.

    Special thanks to for the link!

  5. I live in kansas city and was planning on watching the event, actually planned out my day around the event. what a disappointment, when it was not on at the specified time.

  6. […] to Carry Cody Bulls Event According to the Dish Network Guide the Cody, WY Dodge Xtreme Bulls event will air on ESPN2 Tuesday, July 31 @ 12 Noon Mountain Daylight […]

  7. Geno in KC, thanks for stopping in and clarifying that this is indeed a national issue!

    Hopefully they will stick with their schedule on ESPN2 tomorrow…

  8. I live in rock springs wy i cant wait======== i am going to drive there so cow boy up=============================== be safe out there guys0000000000000000

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