Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mom Undergoing Neck Surgery

Praying friends:

My mom will be undergoing neck surgery Tuesday morning. The surgery involves her 4th, 5th, and 6th  vertebrae. They have been fusing together, growing spurs, and twisting opposite the natural curve of the spine. The problems have kept the proper fluid amounts from moving through her spine. The best that the doctors can trace the problem to is whiplash from a wreck she and Dad were in traveling through KS some 30 years ago.

For the past several months, the medication that she had been taking for her MS has caused more pain than help, so she is no longer on it. One of the Doctors thinks that the neck problem has probably been a larger contributor to her MS symptoms over the past several years than the MS itself.

As things stand now, the slightest wrong move or sudden jolt could paralyze her. The surgery will break up the calcification and properly space the vertebrae. This is neck surgery, so there is still the concern about a slip of the surgeon’s hands. Would appreciate your prayers as she goes in early. Also, pray for issues regarding coverage as there is some question as to whether the surgery is elective or not.



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  2. Will be praying. I clicked on the pingback and discovered that your mom must be a blast! Keep us posted, we are believing for the surgery to go well and the recovery to be fast.

  3. Thanks! She is a great Mom to have. I’m glad she picked me to be her son. Here’s the update!

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