Posted by: Scott | Friday, August 3, 2007

FPQ 5 (for real this time!)

Yeeee-haaaaw! It’s less than 23 hours from now that I’ll be clocking out from overnight shift for the last time! But that’s another post.

I hope you all enjoyed the Friday Photo Query vacation as much as I did! We’re back up and running on the FPQ program this week (sorry, I missed the pre-publish, and yes, I still have some of those to get done).

In case you forgot:

  • Peruse my pics on Flickr
  • Find one that you want to know about (it does not have to be a recent picture)
  • Comment on the appropriate Friday Photo Query post (i.e. the most recent FPQ post) with a link to the picture of your choice. One vote per commenter. Votes on posts prior to this will not count.
  • The pic with the most votes by Friday night 11:59 PM (Mountain Time) gets posted to the front page on Saturday. You can vote anytime before Friday 11:59 PM.

By official decree of the Admin of This Blog, the vote for the Friday Photo Query scheduled to be posted today is hereby extended an additional week. Thus, voting shall be permitted on this post until 11:59 PM MDT on August the 10th in the Year of Our Lord 2007, signed this the 4th day of the eighth month in the Year of Our Lord 2007


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