Posted by: Scott | Saturday, August 4, 2007

Bridge-phobics Expected to Hit Park County, WY

Thank you Big Media for propagating the latest fad in phobias: Bridge-phobia. Because of you, the nation is now in chaos wondering if the bridge they pass over or under is going to survive their journey. They now live in fear that the unavoidable bridge that is on their daily commute will one day let them down.

Well, thanks to the folks at MSNBC, you can now find out what major bridges in your state are a threat to your safety. I’m sure some Democrat is already conjuring up a branch of the Dept. of Transportation called the Dept. of Bridge Upkeep.

So, here’s the rundown for Wyoming:

[table removed for being a pain]

There you go. No unsafe bridges in Park County, WY! Even Democrat hideout Teton County has no unsafe concerns. Meanwhile, Tiekie Rae and her mom (and dad) might want to take caution as there is a bridge passing over the Wind River in Fremont County that rates a 74.1.



  1. Hi Scott,
    Thanks for the update, but a girl’s gotta get to Wal-Mart and the detour is just too long. Therefore, we’ll be risking it.

    Of course the bridge collapse in MN is terrible, but the chaos seems a bit ridiculous, of which I’m sure statisticians everywhere would agree.

  2. HEY – SURE could be worse….I’m terrified of bridges as it is – my mom jokingly said once when I was about 10 (at least a century ago), WHILE we were on that longgg bridge going from Tampa to St. Pete, “did it ever occur to you that the building of bridges & elevators goes to the lowest bidders?” THANK YOU MOM!!!! I am now terrified of bridges & skyscraper elevators. Will use them but I swear I don’t breathe on them…either of them. But the elevators is not an issue in Wyo…LOL!!! I’m about to take a long road trip back to OH & WV next month so will be avoiding as many bridges as possible. Thank GOD for 4-WD…ROTFL!!!!! Doesn’t surprise me about the 5th st. bridge in Laramie….I think Kit it was built by John Colter in the early 1800’s.. @@

  3. actually, in reality, while we’ve been building a new & improved infrastructure in Iraq (& God knows where else…) ours has been taking a swirly for decades. Look at our grid. is amazing any of our computers will even fire up anymore… and bridges & road repair is just another portion of that national infrastructure

  4. I think the only bridge that gave me the jitters was the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canyon City. Something about being a pedestrian crossing a long ol’ wood-plank suspension bridge that is way high up over a canyon…

  5. Have no fear, the Fremont County Bridge is getting inspected

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