Posted by: Scott | Monday, August 13, 2007

Day Trip to Yellowstone

Mom and I are taking a day trip to Yellowstone tomorrow, urrr, today. BTW, she has been doing exceptionally well. Most of last week she was on many pain meds that caused her to sleep quite well. For the prayer warriors in my audience, thank you for your prayers and continued prayers during her recovery are appreciated.

Anyway, this trip was actually slated for last Monday, but because of Mom’s medically induced desire to sleep (and my desire to meet our new Senator), we held off for today.

The other day I said that it might be nice to go in via the Northeast Gate (locals, please don’t run me through the ringer on that desire). My desire to go with the Northeast is that I’ve not been in through that gate and the journey would be a nice change (nothing against our beloved East Gate, even the opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the mountainside during the 30 minute delays).

Well, now the NPS is forcing us to through Cooke City, MT (called “Cooked City back in ’88) due to the rapid growth of the Columbine fire south of Sylvan Pass (more info on InciWeb).

Now if I were a good conspiracy theorist, I would say that high-ranking Yellowstone officials are trying to tweak the attendance numbers at the East Gate seeing as the fire started after the increased traffic numbers were released. But that’s just the suspicious side of me. I plan to enjoy all the sights that we take in tomorrow and you can be sure that some of those sights will be seen on my Flickr page in the days to come.


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