Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yellowstone Via NE Gate Was Wonderful

Mom and I had an excellent trip to Yellowstone yesterday.  Other highlights that I didn’t cover in my “letter to the editor” was running into some friends from Powell in a little convenience store on the Chief Joseph Hwy. At first I thought, Nahh, that can’t be them. Then when another one walked in and we just kept looking at each other like, What are you dong here? It’s not like this place is en route to Cody or Powell, but here we both are…. She finally broke the silence (just before I had finished calculating that she was indeed who I thought she was and thus it would indeed be safe to start up a discussion) and asked how I was doing and what brought me to such an out-of-the-way place.

I answered that Mom and I were on a day trip to Yellowstone via the NE Gate. She replied that the group she was with was headed to YNP too, pretty much the only way in. Amazingly, we didn’t track each other through the Park, but when Mom and I stopped at the Yellowstone Picnic area (no joke that’s what it’s called), I did notice their van go by. We did catch up and pass back in Cooke City, and that was that.

Some things that Yellowstone needs to address include:

  • Lack of handicap parking at the Mammoth Visitor Center. Mammoth is in essence, the HQ for YNP, and there are a total of two handicap parking spaces at the visitor center and they are on the back corner! There is an incredible amount of 15 Minute parking. On top of that, access to the visitor center is limited to those that can walk.
  • We’ve been  told that trees cannot be cut down because “it’s not natural.” Four employees were spoted spraying and pulling weeds at the Mammoth terraces. Yup, that’s “real natural” there, at least according to their (NPS) view. I for one believe we should take care of the earth, even if it means cutting down and clearing out a few thousand dead trees (and a smaller number of living) or pulling some weeds.

Pictures are forthcoming!



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  2. Hi! I’ve been reading your trials and tribulations of spamology on the CB Support forum. I know I de-spammed a comment of your’s on this post, but I think cyberspace ate it up. I have a Firefox plug-in that shrinks the spams so I don’t know what all you said. Please re-post 🙂

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