Posted by: Scott | Thursday, August 16, 2007

Evac Warning Issued For Western Northfork

The Columbine Fire has left the Park’s eastern boundary, triggering a previously planed evacuation warning for the western portion of the Northfork:

Gusting winds have blown the Columbine fire outside the eastern edge of Yellowstone National Park, bringing a warning to some in the far western end of the North Fork Valley that they may be asked to leave the area.

Terina Mullen, a spokeswoman for firefighters, said the fire moved into the Cabin Creek area around 5:45 p.m. Wednesday, and jumped to Canfield Creek.

The fire’s growth into those areas triggered a previously planned pre-evacuation alert issued by the Park County Sheriff’s Office, Mullen said.

“That alert is to tell residents where the fire is, and an evacuation order may or may not follow,” depending on the fire’s development, she said.

Mullen said the alert applied to all structures from Pahaska Tepee east to the Boy Scout camp at Kitty Creek.

Firefighters estimated the blaze at about 13,000 acres Wednesday evening, excluding the new growth east of the park, Mullen said.

All Northfork businesses remain open for the time being. Access into the park from Cody is possible from the Chief Joseph Highway and Northeast Entrance.

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  1. The smoke here is horrible – getting some ash in town now & then when the wind is right…found some on my truck & some fell on my newborn granddaughter a couple days ago. FELT LIKE AN INVASION…again…. But here is another serious fire that is affecting us here in western Wyo & I have a very amazing PDF document I received by email by somebody on the crew that I am going to send to Scott to post if he wants to – great pics of the fire coming right into the firefighting camp & them holding their course. Amazing men & women….I love our USFS firefighters…. 🙂
    Go there to see the stats of the fire – is pretty big & pretty bad in Idaho….Cascade Fire…and if Scott wants to post the PDF document, he will have it. wish I knew how to post it here!!!!

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