Posted by: Scott | Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Path Less Traveled?

Until the other day listening to Rush Limbaugh, I had not thought about this. Then the benevolent host went on a rant about something and recalled the controversial Path to 9/11. He immediately stopped in his thoughts and wondered aloud about the DVD. Where was it? Why no publicity about it being released. It’s almost been a year and still nothing. This led to speculation about the Clintons and their gang of legal folk. After all, it was Bill Clinton that blew up on FOX News Sunday not long before this documentary hit the airwaves.

Indeed something is up. I figured there must have been a silent release of the DVD (release without publicity). After all, World Trade Center, Flight 93, and United 93 are all out on DVD. I did a Google and Found a listing for Boy, was I shocked to read the availability status:

Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.

That almost sounds like at one time it was in, but then I read the discussion about it, and it seems that it never has been, and the Amazon members are really wanting this DVD released. I’d be willing to bet (if I were a betting man) that there are a number of folks in the population that would love to see this available to.

Hey, Disney folks: get over the  Clintons. They have to learn that they are not in charge. The people that you answer to are your customers. If the Clintons don’t like the movie, they’ll say what they will, and that’s just free publicity for you. Yes, the CLintons have lawyers, but I’m sure that you have a pretty good legal team too.It’s time to take the advice of President Bush and not worry about the complainers and naysayers. History will sort out who was and was not right. Regarding Path to 9/11, I’m confident that history will come down on your side.



  1. Wow Scott! You and Rush are onto something here. Those rascally Klintoons anyhow — God save us from them living in our White House ever again!

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