Posted by: Scott | Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dems Boycott 2008 National Convention

After learning that FOX News would be the responsible media outlet for pool coverage of the August 2008 Democrat(ic) National Convention in Denver, CO, the presidential contenders are lining up to express their dissatisfaction with the cable media giant having such power over them.

Early press release drafts indicate that the candidates feel like they are being spied upon by cronies in the vast right-wing conspiracy, headed by Karl Rove. One campaign noted that “to have the pool coverage maintained by FOX is like giving the Republicans two conventions. Why even attend the Denver convention when the balance will not be in our favor?”

Former NC Senator John Edwards stated that “it would be impossible for a network of rich white men to effectively broadcast to the poor women in minority groups, voters that are essential to Democratic victories. Besides, my hair never looks right when I have a Fox interview.”

Sen. Hillary Clinton said she “could never forgive FOX News for the way Chris Wallace made my husband upset and embarrassed on  national Sunday show.”

Sen. Barrack Obama wished that “Hillary had known about this sooner. She might have been able to donate the money she received from Norman Hsu to ousting Fox and getting CNN in to run the coverage.”

Rev. Al Sharpton is planning to stage a protest every day of the convention outside of the convention center.  Though it cannot be confirmed, liberal activist group was planning to pressure a boycott as it has in two prior situations involving Fox News hosting democrat Presidential debates.


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