Posted by: Scott | Friday, October 5, 2007

Yes, I’m Still Around…

I know, I haven’t had much going on here. Much of my blogging has been focused over on Wyoming Vote Tracker (see RSS Feed in the sidebar), which I am learning is quite a bit to keep up-to-date of all the political goings on of the Cowboy State.

Speaking of Cowboy State politics, I’ve recently been appointed Governor of Wyoming.

No, Freudenthal (free-den-thawl) didn’t resign and the rest of the state elected officials refuse the office, I’ve been appointed Grizzly Groundswell Governor of Wyoming.

I’m still single as a slice of cheese. It is odd, because I came across some stats that show Park County is populated with about 700 more women than men.

The weather is fluctuating downward. Right now, it’s lightly drizzling, but it will likely turn to snow overnight.

In some really great news, I have my Flickr page updated! Thanks to the Cody branch of the Park County Library, I was able to up load upwards to 600 pictures in just over two hours. Just uploading; I stil have some minor edits to do (tags, titles, descriptions). I think I have all the sets defined that I need (at least most of them anyway).

Soooooo, if you want to know what all I’ve seen over the past couple of months, check out these great pictures:



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