Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, October 16, 2007

DBacks Get Byrned

Wild Card SweepChalk another one up for a Colorado team headed for the National Championship.

Yup, the Colorado Rockies had us all holding our breath when the DBacks came back to within two (we’re used to it as vetran Broncos fans), but how sweep the poetic justice that Eric “Lucky Break” Byrnes got the third out of the ninth inning. Here’s wishin’ the best for Cleveland (until Rocktober continues)!



  1. So the snakes were buried by a bunch of rocks! Yippie-yahoo! I was born and raised in the Cleveland area, so I KNOW all about how it feels to be on the losing end of many games…Does “The DRIVE” sound familiar? It’s our turn now (I hope)!

  2. Does “The DRIVE” sound familiar??? That’s like askin’ a kid if he wants a candy bar! :-D.

    Keep in mind, we’ve still got the Nuggets to do anything substantially huge (i.e., make it all the way through the playoffs).

  3. Sorry, but I’m still cheering for the Red Sox! 🙂

  4. Well, look who can peruse around wordpress once again! Good to see you stop in!

    I understand your desire for the Red Sox to win (kinda). After all, it is your old stomping grounds. But at the same time, east coast and the Rocky Mountain region are not exactly allies (something about the easterners thinking the Rocky Mountain West operates just the same as the coast; it doesn’t; pacific coast hast he same issue, but here I go getting all political… :- D )

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