Posted by: Scott | Friday, November 30, 2007

3rd Shift Linked to Cancer?

I heard this on the radio yesterday and today and am wondering a number of things. I just recently departed the overnight shift at Wal-Mart. No doubt, I was taking some hits on my health, like sleep deprivation, but I am concerned now. I was on overnights for the space of over 40 months. How long does one have to be overnight-free to clear the cancer risk? What about my health insurance premiums? Will they go up because I spent so much time on overnights?

American Cancer Society says they are going to follow suit with the World Health Organization. I think the Surgeon General should also issue a notice to be placed on all overnight shift job applications and job reviews.



  1. I myself spent time on the 3rd shift, working at a local 24-hour grocery store. I have known for some time (even before I started working the shift) that it wasn’t natural, but I wanted to move to management and at the time the newly created position was the only one available so I took that. After 13 months I was able to transfer to another one of our stores to an evening shift.

    So if it really is linked to cancer, like you I wonder how much risk am I at?

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