Posted by: Scott | Sunday, February 17, 2008

No, I’m not On Strike

I figured since I have a newly-confirmed Wyoming fan of this blog, I should actually post something here. I know, some of you are stumbling in here for the first time and saying, Political Cowboy has a fan in Wyoming? I’m here to tell you, Yes – he – does. And no, he doesn’t always talk about himself in the third person–much. Blame it on Facebook.

Saturday night I was at the Park County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner. This was my first time attending such an event, and it gets added to a growing list of a lot of political firsts for me this year.

I got to:

  • meet three of the candidates for our U.S. House seat
  • meet in person the aforementioned fan that I recently found out I had (that’s always cool when you’re a blogger in Wyoming). She’s such a big fan she recognized me, and admitted it! I kinda recognized her (thanks to Facebook), but I wasn’t about to make the huge mistake of inquiring about her familiarity to me, and then come to find out there is no familiarity and it’s all in my head.
    I played it safe and she came up to me and greeted me by name, and totally took me off guard. About this time I was thinking I should have gone to her. I only had a moment to contemplate if I knew her from the area or if she was who I thought she was, and I found out soon enough that, in fact she was who I thought she was. I know you all are wondering who she is, but I will leave the revelation up to her. I have witnesses that have met this fan and they can attest to her existence. Now that I know how Rush Limbaugh feels (minus the income)…
  • meet (again) both of our Senators (and I do believe Sen. Barrasso has a very good memory as there was a spark of recognition in his eye when he saw me). I also got to meet Sen. Barrasso’s wife.
  • meet Wyoming’s Secretary of State (Lieutenant Governor, et al, for those of you in other parts of the country) Max Maxfield and his wife.
  • be the unofficial-official photographer, and I got pictures!!! Some of them didn’t turn out as good as they seemed to be at the time, but I have many good memories to say the least. Yes, there are some pictures of my fan. The one of me, my fan, and her mom is one of those that didn’t turn out so great 😦 But if we wanted to protect identities, it would be a good one!

I also wore a suit two nights in a row, which I’ve not done in quite some time. Friday night was my church’s Valentines Banquet (which I was Valentineless for 😦 ) . I wore a brown western-cut suit, brown cowboy boots (which I polished) , brown western shirt, and a bolo tie. Tonight, I stepped it up a notch or two, went with a black western-cut suit, white button-up shirt, black cowboy boots (also polished), and an actual for real silk tie colored with an assortment of red and blues.

And in case anyone comes across my mom or grandma, not one person commented on how I didn’t press my white shirt. It wasn’t overly wrinkled, but it wasn’t pressed, and since I was wearing a suit coat over it, I didn’t see the need. A suit coat covers up so much that you don’t need to tend to. I’m sure that if my shirt looked terrible for not being pressed, my fan would have let me know in her own kind and caring way.

I have to say the meal was delicious. Ironically enough, not only did I wear a suit two nights in a row, I also ate at the Holiday Inn two nights in a row (which I have never done). I got to see some of the same waitresses that served at my valentineless Valentine’s Banquet serve at the Lincoln Day Dinner. The team did a wonderful job both nights.

And now, I do need to clarify for all the people screaming at me for talking-it-up about this one fan. She did not come to the Lincoln Day Dinner just to see me (though she had wondered if she might; similarly I wondered if I might see her since I knew she had good reason to be there). So that’s not why I’m making a big deal about her. Our meeting each other was a side benefit of us both showing up at the same function. She’s from Wyoming. She’s the most recent person to inform me that she reads my blog. It’s on her RSS reader provided through an online service, so wherever she goes, she can log in and see if I posted something (and I haven’t done so in a while).

Yes, there are other Wyoming bloggers that read (at the very least occasionally) my blog. And I want you all to know, I appreciate each and every one of you. It’s not like I’ve never met a “total stranger” from Wyoming before. You might recall I met one of my Wyoming blogger friends last Sept. Go figure, it was another political event. And John Barrasso was there too. I’m detecting a pattern here…. Anyway, what I’m getting at is that I love my readers. I love my commenters too. Without these groups of people that make up my fans. Without them (that’s you all, for those of you in Emblem), I’d just be throwing words out into cyberspace that would occasionally catch someone’s attention on a search because it happened to be a match, only to find out, it wasn’t what they wanted at all.

So these are my thoughts at the moment. Take them for what they are. Thanks for reading (whether you’ve told me or not). And if you see me somewhere, please, let me know.



  1. Well, you’d probably have to come down to the *other* Park County for me to see you — I don’t know if I can make it all the way up there 🙂

  2. What is your take on the legisltures intent to give property tax refunds? Seems to me we are robbing from the mineral tax to give money to people who do not pay much tax to begin with. Sounds a lot like the Democrats in D.C. and the argument to not make tax cuts permanent.

    On the other hand, I guess I would rather see some senior benefit from a refund, rather then the legislature increase State governemnt even more.

    Not easy!

  3. Well, this post has brought some old** fans out of the woodwork!

    Jennifer, what do you mean “the other Park County?” That’s like saying pork is the other white meat!

    I don’t see how there could be a real Park County, Colorado since it doesn’t touch Park County, WY like Park County, MT does. Similarly, Big Horn County, MT touches Big Horn County, WY.

    GOPPOKE, I like the idea of people keeping more of their money and the government keeping less of it. However, I’m not a big fan of the targeted tax relief that the Governor proposed. I would much rather see across the board property tax relief for all homeowners.

    There are programs in place that counties can use to give tax relief to the elderly and other particular population groups. Yes, it requires some proof in the form of paperwork, but if you want to get the benefit, you have to prove the need.

  4. Scott,
    Do you see the similarity to across the board relief and the liberal position at the national level that relief should be given to property owners even though the property owners in Wyoming do not pay much tax? In other words it is not as if the property owners have over paid.

  5. To clarify the liberal’s national position: Income tax refunds and lower tax rates should be given to those that have paid little or no income tax to begin with.

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