Posted by: Scott | Thursday, February 28, 2008

Don’t Want To Go Digital Yet?

So, by this time next year, if you don’t have cable or satellite and your on  a regular ol’ TV using rabbit ears or a roof-top antenna, you won’t be seeing much other than snow on your TV set.

Unless you live in Park County, Wyoming.

Park County may be slightly behind the times about some things, but when it comes to the switch from analog to digital TV, that’s probably OK.

Television viewers in Park County will not be affected by the nationwide switch until about 2012, said County Landfill Manager Dave Hoffert, who also has worked with the county’s TV system for many years.

“The change to digital broadcasting effective February 2009 will not affect television reception from the translators,” Hoffert said.

He said Park County will receive a new digital signal and translate it to existing analog signals for several more years.

PBS will eventually be converted to a digital signal by KCWC, which currently is responsible for those translators,” Hoffert said.

So, if you’re not ready to

  • spend hundreds on a new TV,
  • $50 on a converter box, or
  • extra money on cable or satellite service to get a  bunch of stations you’ll never watch,

make the move to Park County, WY!



  1. I wish they’d do that here. I’m really content with my rabbit ears. I get four channels, and they’re pretty clear. It’s enough for me and it’s free. I do not want to subscribe to cable or buy a dish just to get the networks.

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