Posted by: Scott | Saturday, March 22, 2008

Brokebracket Madness 2008: Round 2

OK, so Round Two already started for the men, but in case your wondering my bracket is crumbling like a stale cookie as it typically does, though there are some areas that I did surprisingly well. However, here on the blog, I pick round by round, so having not seen any of the coverage of what’s going on in the  men’s B-Ball tourney, here’s my updated list of favored advancers to the Sweet 16:

(Bold indicates teams I picked for the second round that survived)


  • East
    • North Carolina, Washington State
    • Oklahoma, Tennessee
  • Midwest
    • Kansas, Siena
    • Kansas State, Georgetown
  • South
    • Memphis, Pittsburgh
    • Marquette, Texas
  • West
    • Texas A&M, W. KY
    • Xavier, W. VA


  1. Happy Easter Scott!

    (I’m up to 30 wins on my bracket. Duke really let me down)

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