Posted by: Scott | Sunday, March 23, 2008

Brokebracket Madness: Women’s Sweet 16 Picks

Well, the NCAA Women are treating my bracket pretty harsh too! Cornell has now let me down twice. Fortunately, I still have a blogger friend from Wyoming there. And speaking of Wyoming, the Cowgirls are out, but at least it was only by five. They had a great season this year, even making it into the Top 25 rankings for a while. They made this great state proud.

So, it’s time to repair the bracket for my picks for the Sweet 16. In spite of my losses, I still have some winners that advanced to Round 2. Hopefully, I’ll have some winners in the Sweet 16. My correct picks from the first round are noted by the bold type:


  •  Greensboro
    • Texas, Virginia
    • George Washington, Rutgers
  • Spokane
    • Nebraska, W. Virginia
    • Baylor, Stanford
  • New Orleans
    • Georgia, Kansas State
    • Oklahoma State, LSU
  • Oklahoma City
    • Tennessee, Oklahoma
    • Arizona State, Texas A&M

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