Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Love is in the Air

Or something like it is anyway, at least for everyone else. Yea, there’s rumors and what not  that love is sure as all get out in the air I’m breathing, but I’m not going to confirm, add to the speculation, or deny any of that at this juncture in my blogging. If something happens that I want to share about here, I will do so in the appropriate time. I will say that I’m not opposed to having love in my air.

A few things have provoked this post, and I’ll point them out in no particular order. Before I do so, I want to mention , since I know  that, for some odd reason, I have an amazingly quantitative female audience, I am in no way upset at any of you, nor am I trying to distance you from me or my blog. I appreciate each and every one of you. God made both of us different, so sometimes I get confused, but that’s OK! I’m sure I’ve had my share of confounding you from time to time.

So, here’s the stuff that’s brought about this post:

  • One of my blogger friends posted a story on her Facebook profile about a tennis star and swimsuit model getting engaged. That was fine and well, until I logged into Facebook later that night and saw this on my computer screen. I don’t blame her; just the story and the ad server taking unfair advantage of my sensitive feelings.
  • The previously noted blogger friend posts a blog about the politics of bipartisan dating.
  • Aforementioned blogger friend proclaims engagement on her Facebook profile. That seemed awful random, but that’s from my perspective. I’m sure from their perspective, it was perfectly natural.
  • I read on Snopes about an April Fool’s superstition that if a guy fell for an April Fool’s joke done by a pretty lady, the two would have a really goo long-lasting relationship, possibly all the way to marriage. I waited all day yesterday for a pretty lady to April Fool me, and it never happened 😦 Not that I’m superstitious by any stretch of the imagination…
  • It seems like every movie and T.V. show I watch, I can fit me into the role of the main guy who always gets the love of his life in the end. Hollywood, congrats on connecting with at least one single guy out there.
  • I’m having the same problem with music.

All that to intro into a special repost. Well, actually, it’s not a pure repost since I haven’t blogged about it; I’ve only placed it in my Facebook notes in December of last year, when I was thinking about me and the mysterious “her.”

Thinking About that Special Someone…

…and I don’t think either of us knows who she is. That’s right. I don’t know. Maybe she does, but I don’t know if she does. I just know that I don’t.

Do I think about her a lot? Yep. I sure do. I think about what qualities are musts and what qualities are negotiable.

Although it’s hard, I pray for her too. I must admit, it seems weird at times praying for someone who I have no idea is.

Mom and Grandma think about and pray for this “unknown her” a lot too. I’m sure Dad probably does too, he’s just not the type that’s gonna come right out and tell me.

Granted, there are those that I secretly count as having potential. Obviously, I can’t marry everybody, and even if I could, I wouldn’t. So when even setting out on the dating/courtship process, I like to be very careful.

Some people ask me what I’m looking for. So, if you are wondering (and even if you’re not), here they are,in no particular order, after meeting the salvation requirement:

* doctrinally sound: holding fast to those things which are clearly taught in the Bible, rejecting those things which are contrary to what is clearly taught, and not making a soap-box of those things which are not clearly taught.

* politically conservative: I don’t think that the political arena is end-all solution to all of life’s problems, but we do live in a country that gives its citizens some say-so in what happens. Therefore, we should be responsible with God giving us that blessing. I’m a social and fiscal conservative, and though there might some political debate that goes on, I’d like some one that is fairly close to my beliefs.

* debt free/moving towards debt freedom: Ideally I’d like to get married with no debt. If some debt is being imported into the marriage (and we’re both OK with bringing it in), then after marriage the debt becomes ours and we team up to knock it out. Before that, we are responsible for our own debt(s).

* attractive: Yes, if I’m getting married to some one, I want to be able to look at her and say to myself “She’s quite attractive” and occasionally tell her that I think so.

That’s just a glimpse of what I’m looking for.


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