Posted by: Scott | Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weather Watch Alarms Motel Staff

Motel staff at a motel on Cody’s West Strip from the Assistant Manager on down to the laundry lady, housekeepers, and maintenance man were stunned to hear the news yesterday morning.

One housekeeper had his portable headset radio on KODI. Another housekeeper was near a room that had the TV on, as was the laundry lady. The Assistant Manager was cleaning the breakfast room, with the TV on for noise. All devices picked up that annoying buzzer sound shortly after 10 AM. None thought anything of it.

Then that peculiar NOAA radio voice came over the airwaves, and still not much thought is given to it, but the voice is just not ignorable:

The National Weather service is Riverton has issued Tornado Watch number 99 99 in effect until 11:05 AM Mountain Daylight Time. for the following counties/areas:

  • Big Horn County
  • Park County

Residents in these areas should be aware of sudden rains, strong winds, large hail, ….

The housekeepers upstairs discussed the situation at hand.

“I know they usually run a test watch in the transitional parts of the seasons, but theirs usually a disclaimer about the watch/warning only being a test. This had no disclaimer, but it was odd that the tornado watch was numbered.”

“Well, if something develops, we should probably go downstairs.”

One housekeeper went downstairs to confer with the Assistant Manager about going downstairs.

“Yes, downstairs would be safer than upstairs, unless you pick the bathroom that happens to get imploded on.”

“In that case, I’ll stay upstairs so that they’ll have less rubble to dig through to find me, unless of course I get sucked up, and wind up in Munchkin Land and have to follow some absurd road to a city of mythological proportions to get back home, only to discover I could have clicked my heels three times and been back in a jiffy.”

“OK, whatever Scott.”

Whilst everyone was going about their work, the airwaves buzzed that annoying buzz again.

“NOW WHAT!!!” bellered a motel guest working on a new shopping center next door to the motel.

The National Weather Service is Riverton has issued a tornado warning in effect until 11:05 AM Mountain Daylight Time. for the following counties/areas:

  • Fremont County
  • Hot Spring County
  • Washakie County
  • Sublette County
  • Teton County
  • Big Horn County
  • Park County
  • Johnson County
  • Sheridan County

This tornado warning is a test in observance of Wyoming Severe Weather Awareness Week. Procedures and drills should be reviewed and practiced….

The motel staff let out a collective sigh of relief and wondered how many calls the National Weather Service had logged for their test watch that wasn’t announced as a test, prompting the announced test warning.


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