Posted by: Scott | Saturday, May 3, 2008

Blogger Wins Door Prize and Endorsement

Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the open house at Jen Talich’s State Farm office. I also had the pleasure of meeting Jen Talich.

She recently moved here from the other side of the Big Horns to take over the good work that was done by Marci Hicks. About the only bad thing Marci Hicks had going was location and space.

The office used to be located on 19th and Sheridan in a small building with a small and tight parking lot. Now the office is located on 11th and Beck in a much roomier building with diagonal parking on the side of the road.

For the hour or so that I was there, the event was well attended. Refreshments, snacks, goodies, and even drinks were provided. Door prizes were drawn for every half hour. Jen is a very friendly lady and has a friendly staff to keep things going from day to day.

When I walked int he door, I was greeted by one of the staff members and invited to register for the need-not-be-present-to-win door prize drawings. Of course, once you win, you’re out of the drawing, but I figured with the luck I have, why would I win anything, present or not? So, I placed my name in the bowl. I meandered over to the well-stocked snack table and grabbed a plate to get some crackers, cheese cubes, and Heritage Bakery cookies. Jen is also a great bar tender as she poured a refreshing cup of Mountain Dew for me. It takes a lot to talk me into a free drink šŸ™‚

While I was milling about, the first of what was to be several drawings I had registered for was held. It was announced that i had won! Yes, my name was drawn, thus I had won and was exempted from the remainder of the weekend’s drawings. It was incredible. I won a gardening set containing a small potting shovel and rake (both with the State Farm logo) and a packet of sunflower seeds.

Now that I had another item to carry, I balanced the plate on my cup which made drinking very hard. I succeeded for a couple minutes and then my plate dove to the floor. Fortunately it was just pretzels and crackers, so it wasn’t too messy and the birds likely enjoyed the fruits of my clumsiness. I figure I must have been overcome with excitement.

Given the fact that I’ve endorsed Jen, even though she was not the one that drew my name, to avoid the conflict of interest (receiving a door prize from an insurance office after endorsing said office’s agent) I will be passing the flowers on to my mom as she has more space to garden than I do.

Throughout the time I was there, folks came and went. Folks insured through State Farm visited with each other and their new agent and her staff members.

The time came for me to leave the event. As I headed out, I stopped by the desk to thank Jen and welcome her once more to the community. She was ready and willing to set up an appointment if I ever had any questions. She also asked if I was married. Anyone uninformed would have been stunned, but I knew she had a family of her own, so I was not stunned, and told her that I was not married, but that I was indeed looking.

“Well, if you ever get married, come by and see me and we’ll make sure you’ve got the coverage you need for your family.”

Anyone else would have taken that as just another insurance sales pitch, but, in my years of following politics, I’ve learned to, as Rush says, read the stitches on the fast ball. This was not just another insurance sales pitch, it was an endorsement for my marriage and I am pleased to accept it, and am thrilled to have Jen Talich in my corner, pulling for me to get married. She joins the ranks of my family, friends, and numerous coworkers.

Now I was going to have Marci in the wedding somehow because of a great experience I had when I reached the age all male drivers aspire to reach, 25. She called me a month before and made sure my information was current so that I could get my big 25 year old maleĀ  discount.Ā  I was so thrilledĀ  about her excitement for my birthday that I decided she was to be near the top of the list of people to call when I got engaged. After all, I hear having a wife does the car insurance well. I continued thinking about it and eventually had her in the wedding party. I couldn’t figure out in what role, but I figured my bride and I could work it out, even if we forged a new tradition of including the insurance agent as the insurance agent in the wedding party, and I thought about that long before the Gecko was talking on TV about being invited to some bloke’s wedding.

Of course, Marci’s moved on now. But as long as Jen is still around, in the event that I get married, Jen Talich will not only be notified early on and often that I’m engaged, as well as when the date is set, but she will have her place in the wedding party.


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