Posted by: Scott | Monday, May 5, 2008

Post 500: International Niece’s Week!

Wow! I’ve Finally reached that proverbial 500th post. I thought about doing a post about blogging, but then I remembered, I’ve got a holiday to commemorate. Then I remembered I had a big announcement that might be kinda neat to post here, but I figured having it in the next post would be more fitting. So, I’m back to the holiday.

Yes, it’s the second annual International Niece’s Week, a week to commemorate nieces everywhere. Tomorrow is of course, International Niece’s Day as proclaimed by myself. I’m still waiting to hear from Hallmark on a deal

My little niece is two years old now. Though we haven’t met, she sure has been a blessing in my life. Just the other day I got to talk to my niece and her father (more to her father than anything). At any rate, he had her come to the phone and say hi. He told her who I was and she managed to say those three words that every uncle with my first name loves to hear: “Hi Uncle Scott.” I tell ya,’ my heart melted as I felt a smile grow from ear to ear.

So, to Macy and all other nieces out there, happy International Niece’s Week!



  1. Hey, I can get on board with that! My newest niece was just born last Wednesday, and she is adorable. You can see pics on facebook or my latest blog post. She’s a cutie!

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