Firefox Users and Seekers

Firefox 2Firefox 2.0 has come out! As a result, I’ll be checking up on my add-ons to see what still works and what doesn’t. For the time being, if you want to stay with 1.5, listed below are my favorite Firefox extensions Previously-listed extensions that are now standard for 2.0 have been deleted from the list.

In case you are wondering, Firefox is only the best internet browser for free.

  • Bible Toolbar (updated for 2.0): A wonderful toolbar that allows you to search, an online Bible of many translations. This toolbar will let you search two translations in parallel fashion by keyword or passage and can be restricted to a portion of the Scriptures (OT, NT, Epistles…)
  • Forecastfox Enhanced: A suped-up version of the regular ‘ol Forecasfox. This allows you to pause the updating and restart it when you are ready, you can view a satellite and/or radar image without clicking the toolbar, plus all the great features of the original (including the recently added downloadable weather icons). Weather info provided by
  • Google Toolbar: All the great features of Google, plus a spell checker for web forms*, and find out what websites may be trying to do more harm than good.
    • Google Toolbar does have a spell check feature, but Firefox 2.0 has implemented one (including auto-underline!). It even works in the rich text editor.
  • Tabbrowser Preferences: Gives you the control over tabs and what they do when in the options menu.
  • Cute Menus: Adds little icons in the menus.
  • Colorful Tabs: Great for multi-tab browsers like me! Colors each tab a different color so that no two tabs colored alike are next to each other and it boldens the title in the currently open tab.
  • PDF Download: So you don’t want to wait for Adobe to open up when you click on a link for a PDF? Or perhaps, you just want to download the PDF for now and read it later? This extension lets you decide what to do when you surf across a PDF (open in HTML, open in PDF, save as PDF). Though this is handy, not all PDF’s look good in HTML.
  • BB Code: Gives you a right-click menu of BBCode and HTML/XHTML editing options. Great for blog/forum posting if you don’t have WYSIWYG availability. If you have trouble getting download to work with 2.0, try this link.
  • Firefox Menu Buttons: Lets you add more buttons to the menu bar! Some of my favorites include print preview, page setup, undo/redo, preferences, extensions manager, downloads manager, customize toolbar….
  • Quicknote: Copy/paste notes from web sites in a Firefox sidebar, new tab or window. (HT: A blogger that pointed this one out; due to the WP crash and then a technical issue on my computer, I don’t know who it was) Not compatable with 2.0
  • Bloglines Toolkit: Places a new post notifier in the lower right corner of the browser, plus adds an easy subscribe feature in the right click menu. Not compatable with 2.0

Firefox 2

Suggestions for other Firefox extensions: post a comment below!
Page updated 12/22/2006



  1. Flickr users:

    Check out Fireflix! It allows you to upload multiple photos at once, plus get your tagging and titles done (descriptions need to be added after uploading), all in a Firefox sidebar! Also manage sets and search for tags on your pics. A great extension!

  2. If you enjoy the previews (run your mouse over a link on my blog to see what I mean), then you’ll like this new add on that lets you use on ANY website, whether or not the site itself has Snap enabled.

    Check out the Snap Shots add-on page for details about installation and use.

  3. […] you upload a bunch of pics at a time (rather than the limit of six on your flickr account; see my Firefox Users and Seekers page for […]

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