Posted by: Scott | Monday, May 5, 2008

A Natural topic for Post 501

So, International Niece’s Day is on the horizon, and I’ve just about nearly thrown myself into a fit of confusion over my niece’s age. She is in fact two years old, not three like I was about to type here. The thought of tomorrow being the third annual International Niece’s Day and this week being the second annual International Niece’s Week, which I started last year after missing the second annual IND, threw my brain for a loop. Hopefully, some of this confusion will wear off when I get older and/or get a wife.

But, this post is about none of the afore mentioned topics, although it is closely related to Macy.

For several months I have known that Nathan and Bethany were expecting. The excitement grew as I learned they were on course for an April birth. I have something of a preference for April births. March is pretty good too (Macy’s and my birth mother’s), as is May (Nathan’s), and June (Dad’s). But alas, I go rabbit hunting.

Some may be questioning the timing of this post. I am not trying in anywise to detract attention from Ruth’s latest pride and joy. I had this post planned before she commented on my last post, and before I knew that she had a post up on her blog about the birth of her youngest niece. Did you see that rabbit over there?

Anyhoo, the month of April plugged along; almost depressingly. I realized it was going to take me just a bit longer than I planned to have my parents paid off, taxes came due (don’t get me started on that), and through it all, I had hoped that I might one day get a call from PA. Snow fell on the day that I accumulated another year. I was dreaming of a white birthday after all, and I’m not talking about the color my hair is starting to explore. April was growing short. Mom took on another year (without snow) and only a few days remained in April. I was fixing to make a call, but time was going crazy fast.

The last morning of April arrived and I heard my answering machine pick up a call, but I did not hear who was talking on the other end. I forgot to check messages after I got out of bed. I got home from working at the motel and remembered I had at least one message on the phone. I pressed play and after I got through the 500th “final notice” of my car warranty being about expire, Nathan’s familiar voice started speaking to announce to me the birth of his first son! It happened the night prior and he was big; 22 inches and 9 lbs! I was a proud uncle and everyone back there was doing well. What a blessing to end the month on!

So, welcome to the world, Levi. Nice to know I’ve got such a famous niece with her own Thanksgiving parade, and a famous nephew too, with his own line of jeans.

And now you know why I saved this announcement for post 501.

Good day!


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