What’s this page about?
A list of questions you may or may not have about me, my blog or anything else. Have a question not answered here? Send me a message or post a comment.

What’s a NSFAQ?
Not So Frequently Asked Question

Why “politicalcowboy”?
This name goes back to my college days. In my Sophomore year, I was setting up an e-mail account and after my room-mate came up with his, I had decided on politicalcowboy, due to my strong like for politics and my love of the West.

Are you a real cowboy?
No, I just like to dress western. Just ask any of the real cowboys up in this part of the country, they will agree.

Have you ever ridden a horse?
Yes, and I was sure glad when the K-Mart manager came out and unplugged it! But really, I have ridden a horse. Bucked off? No, though I have been kicked in the ankle by one.

Do you have any other nicknames?
Yes; at work they call me “Scotch Tape.” A co-worker thought he heard another co-worker call me “Scotch Tape” and from then on, the name has just sorta stuck with me.

Are you married?
No, but I wish I were, because somebody out there needs me to kill spiders (and etc…) for her. Killing spiders for myself is kinda boring really. I mean, I see a spider in the house, I kill it, but at this stage, there’s not really any meaning to it…

Are you dating/courting/going out with anyone?
First, I’m not exactly sure what to call it. “Dating” is considered by some to be activity done by a compromising new evangelical; “courting” is viewed by others to be activity done by an extremely old fashioned legalist that has to do everything in quite formal attire; “going out” by far is worse than dating, on the level of a theological liberal. Second, I am praying about it. Right now there are a lot of emotions to sort through. As a male, I have a hard time dealing with all that. In all seriousness, I don’t want to make an entirely emotions-based decision.

What is your occupation?
I work in the deli at my local Wal-Mart. Been with the company for 6 years now; began on overnights, served a short while unloading, and was able to move to the deli.

Are you one of those disgruntled Wal-Mart employees that they show on the evening news?
No. I am quite thankful for my job and for my employer. The company I work for is not perfect (and it wouldn’t matter who I work for, if there were a truly perfect corporation out there, the instant they hired me, it would cease to be perfect, as I am imperfect), but it is a good company to work for.

Does Wal-Mart respond to negative stories about them in the news?
Yes, check out www.walmartfacts.com

Is it true that every city/town in Wyoming starting with the letter C is known for strong winds?
Yes, as well as the ones that start with A, B, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z

What’s it mean to “pull a New York Times?”
To report/comment on something well after the original fact. See my post Peaceful blogging for the sprouting of this phrase on my blog. Conversely, a “reverse New York Times” is reporting/commenting on something well in advance.

What kind of impact has global warming had on Cody, WY?
Apparently, Cody, WY ceased to be part of the globe sometime last year. It’s OK though. So have parts of TX, the Rocky Mountain west, Washington D.C. and oth3er places. Our summer was cooler than it has been, overnight lows this weekend (12/5-6/09) are supposed to be below zero; daytime highs no higher than the 20’s.

Page edited 12/4/2009: because I realized how severely behind the times I was; even the New York Times looked timely compared to this; I’ve been in the deli and off overnights how long now???? Sheesh! Also an update was made on 12/5/09 at the request of the unofficial official grammarian (whose mother ironically has a birthday on the same day) to correct an answer into the use of the subjunctive. Also, I added some further information to the aforementioned answer. Also, another question has been added.



  1. Update (9/11/2006) WP.com blogs can now have page comments with any theme, so if you have a FAQ/NSFAQ, post it in a comment and I’ll post back an answer!

  2. My My, I am covering a lot of little stories in Worland about Wal-mart. We may be getting one very soon…. you shoudl transfer and then you could work on your dating skills.

  3. Why were you riding the horse at K-Mart when you probably could’ve got a 10% discount if you’d rode the horse at Wal-Mart?

  4. Good question! BTW, congrats on being the fist to actually submit a new FAQ/NSFAQ.

    The K-Mart horse riding was pre-Wal-Mart employment. I’ve not attempted to ride the Wal-Mart horse to see if I could get the 10% associate discount, though now I am tempted….

  5. One of the things that I noticed as I “googled” myself is that I am continually identified as someone who worked with the California Legislature and that seems to be something that is very important.

    There has been nothing in the stories I have read has indicated my Wyoming Roots.

    I am the fifth generation to live in Wyoming. My Great Great Grandmother is buried in Upton.

    I was born at Ellsworth A.F.B. because that is were my father was stationed when I was born and after my parents divorced my mother moved to California taking us with her.

    My grandfather was appointed to the position of Commendant of the Soldiers and Sailors Home (now the Wyoming Veteran’s Home) in Buffalo, Wyoming.

    If you have any questions please contact me.

    By the way you have a very nice web page.

  6. Mr. McCrady, thank you for visiting and filling in the gap of information about you. I’ll admit that my computer was having a hard time processing the PDF’s of the applications posted on WYGOP’s website and I wasn’t able to make it down to the library to view them in detail.

    My guess would be that the issue with former-Californian line is that a lot of people from California move here and try to turn Wyoming into California (environmentalism, etc…) Little by little, they succeed on this that or the other issue. To make a comparison, it’s like immigration. Those that cross legally will tend to assimilate into the culture. Those that cross illegally will portion themselves out and be “____-Americans” as opposed to being, in the words of Teddy Roosevelt, an American.

    Thanks again for your visit and kind words about my blog. Come by as mush as you can!

  7. These are HILARIOUS! I would like to read a dozen more of your FAQs just to laugh some more. However, as the resident English extremist, I wish to point out that is NSFAQ #7 should be in the subjunctive voice, since it is an “if/wish/future” clause. For example–I wish I WERE married…if I WERE married, I would probably be nagged a lot more…In the future, if he WERE married, he would have to kill a lot more spiders…and so on. In a hypothetical statement, you have to use the subjunctive, as in http://www.ceafinney.com/subjunctive/guide.html

    • Thank you madam grammarian. Your information has been considered and the correction has been made.

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