The alma mater that helped train my grey matter: International Baptist College

My other hobby: Webmaster! The Circuit Riders of Cody, WY A great place to find out about all things pro-life

The Brown Family: The chronicles of the Browns’ adoption Bob Griffin’s humor blog (fellow SI member; Elder, Sovereign Grace Church in Casper, WY)

Sharper Iron: A blog/forum for fundamentalists

The Western Connection: A forum for Western enthusiasts

Comfort Food Radio: Wyoming’s and the West’s only live music/comedy variety radio show!

The Seidler Family: Prayer request updates on the Seidlers.

  • Updates temporarily on-hold Your daily one-stop source for everything related to Cody, WY! (you can even listen to the local newscast from KODI 1400 AM!)

Basin Beat Blues: Blog of Billings Gazette reporter Ruffin Prevost of Cody, WY. “Share stories, ask questions and swap observations about life in northwestern Wyoming.”

Cowboyology: A Christian Canadian Cowboy An independent/non=government website that tracks federal legislation in both houses (and the bills and topics that are hot in the blogosphere) Shrinks looooooooooooooong web site addresses so that they don’t break up in e-mails (sample to prove it works:

Natural Blogarithms: Ramblings of a Christian Mathematician

Fundy Mini Market irrelevant: Greg Linscott’s blog (Sharper Iron forum director, pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Skowhegan, Maine) Forum A forum/message board for adoptees, adopters, birthparents…

Michael S. Bryson: Another friend from my days at IBC; he’s also got a blog. You can read without joining, but you do have to register if you choose to comment

Janelle Miller (Run of the Mill-ers): Another friend from Park Christian!

Folks that’s commented
(anyone can comment, as long as your decent about it!)

  • Chris Leavell’s Leavell Wilderness Area (Pastor, Berean Baptist Church, Ashton, ID): I actually have met Chris in person. In fact, we graduated from the same college in the same year and I roomed with his younger brother one year. Also, a co-publisher of The Moose Knows: “…To discover and decipher what the moose knows. This blog is open for everyone to comment.
  • The Capabayan (Greenville, S.C.): A Westerner at heart
  • Frank Sansone’s Thinking Man’s Thoughts (Pastor, Fellowship Baptist Church, Salisbury, MD) My link-checker-in-chief. Yup, he manages to find all the broken links and kindly let’s me know. Also, another suffering Eastern Westerner
  • Chris Anderson’s (My) Two Cents (Pastor, Tri-County Bible Church, Madison, OH) Another SI friend; fellow Broncos fan, and yet another Westerner suffering for the Lord in the East.
  • On The Idar I think this is my first non-Sharper Iron commenter
  • Matthew Bodaly (Seattle, WA) We were room-mates one year @ IBC
  • Kelly:” (San Diego, CA) just another flawed human seeking solace in the shadow of the One who gave me life
  • Christian Joe: Matt Johnson’s blog (Assistant Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Salt Lake City, UT; older brother of one of my high-school classmates)
  • Derek Jung: Pastor of Fundamental Gospel Baptist Church in San Leandro, CA
  • Laura Brown: Heads up the Cody, WY-based Laptops for the Wounded; a worthy charity to help out our wounded soldiers (yup, even if their not from Cody)
  • Paucis Verbis: Ruth Valiante’s blog (Matt Johnson’s younger sister – – – yes, 25% of my PCS classmates) Please note: I don’t know how to pronounce her last name, nor the name of her blog, but I made my best attempt here. 😀
  • Sam H (Theolog Shmeolog): I want to take theology seriously, but not myself. Hence it is not “Theology Shmeology.” I will blather on and on about other stuff too–trust me
  • Sunflower Desert: Another conservative Wyoming blogger
  • Tieki Rae (Haemet Yeshachrer Otcha): If I’ve read her blogroll right, the daughter of Sunflower Desert. At any rate, she is suffering amongst the liberals in Gary Trauner’s homeland

All sites linked to are responsible for their own content. Not all information on every site is necessarily reflective of the views and/or opinions held by Political Cowboy

Updated: 12/08/2006



  1. Scott,

    You can also count me as a Westerner suffering in the East. While I grew up all over (long story), I consider Phoenix to be my hometown since that is where I lived from the time I was in 8th grade – college (with a brief stay in California for a summer and a semester).


  2. Hey, Scott. Thanks for the link!

  3. You’re welcome!

  4. […] Be sure to check out my links page. It has been updated! There were some links that, to the shame of me, I forgot to list when I moved to At lunch this morning (yes, I said this morning; for those of you that are new, I work overnights), I was reminded of this. Soooo, welcome back to the links page to the following: The Seidler family and Bob Griffen! Also, a “New York Times” welcome to the links page to Chris Anderson of Tri-County Bible Church. I also recently brought back to the links page the Circuit Riders (really sad that I forgot them as their webmaster). […]

  5. Nice site! Lots of good stuff here, I’ll have to remember this if I ever get around to updating my blogroll.

    I just wanted to pass on the link to Jim McBride’s campaign site for the State Superintendent race ( since you didn’t have it on your list. Thanks!

  6. I’ve added Dr. McBride, along with site link, to my campaign season list. Thanks passing the info on and feel free to visit and/or comment anytime!

    Only 39 days until the General Election!!! Lots of important offices being voted on, so lets see if we can get a 100%+ turnout like we did in ’04! Really, the sub-50% this past Aug. was depressing.

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