Posted by: Scott | Sunday, April 30, 2006

April is a great month!

Here it is, the last day of April, 2006. April, IMHO is the best month to be born in. Not too hot, not too cold (usually); just about right with maybe a light jacket…. Anyway I obviously have a slight bias here. But then, let me point out a few other Aprils:

  • Two of my former coworkers and a current coworker each had a birthday the latter half of last week (which I completely forgot about)

Last, but certainly not least, an important woman in my life reached a milestone a couple days ago. Why do I tribute this late? Well, we are observing her birthday today (last week was rather busy). Now I know, with an intro like that, some of you probably think I'm leading into introducing/announcing a girlfriend. Well, you're wrong. This special woman is my mother. I'm not bone of her bone, nor flesh of her flesh, but I am her own.

She is talented musically, playing banjo, guitar, mandolin, and harmonica as well as singing. Every now and then, she gets to educate children about women crossing the prairies to come out West. She does all this in spite of having an unpredictable disability.

There are many times that she cannot sleep at night, so she uses the time to pray for others. She is wise, she can can cook like you wouldn't believe. Rare are the times that the house is not open to company. She knows just how to decorate the house and when. She also decorates the church. In all this, she cares for her husband, her son, her family, her friends. Thanks Mom, for always being there. If I find a wife, I want one just like you! Oh, and Happy (belated) 50th!


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