Posted by: Scott | Monday, May 1, 2006

Got a lead foot?

More than 55,000 tickets were written by the Wyoming Highway Patrol in 2005. I'll admit, I have had my share of being pulled over for a lead-foot. Most of the time the officer has shown grace with a verbal warning, but my first time (when I was almost 18) landed me a $64 ticket–down from $69 since I had my seat belt on. So, it was only natural that the headline on yestereday's Casper Star Tribune caught my eye: How fast is too fast?

…"Sometimes they are going fast enough that they're going to get a ticket, no matter what," [State Trooper] Dolbare said.

Dolbare spoke in a relaxed tone, seldom pausing in conversation as he trained his radar on passing cars and trucks. The device squawked as speeds appeared on a small screen, the pitch rising with approaching vehicles and then dropping as they receded.

Sometimes, the device also registered the hollow thump inside a driver's chest as the emergency lights on Dolbare's car resolved against a background of blue sky and sagebrush. Speeds of 68 and 69 mph shot down to 62, 61. …

Read the article here; more stats here


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